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F&F Rub

F&F Rub

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Cape Cod: We blend the familiar flavors of celery, bay and mustard with premium spices to create a coastal seasoning with the taste of summers on the shore. Aromatic and appealing, our Cape Cod Seasoning Rubis a stellar addition to any seaside fare. 

Mesquite: Organic Mesquite Seasoning combines the bold, rich flavor of mesquite smoke with a blend of savory vegetables and aromatic spices, creating a unique seasoning that complements anything from roasted meats to potato chips.

Chipotle BBQ: Chipotle BBQ Seasoning Rub is a bold blend of spicy flavors combining the smoky spiciness of chipotle peppers with the subtle sweetness of honey. 

Poultry: Specifically crafted, this Poultry Spice uses classic aromatics, herbs, and spices. Onion, rosemary, parsley, thyme, and red pepper are blended in a perfect balance of savory and aromatic flavors. 

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