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Open Faced

Open Faced

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Open Faced crosses international borders to bring fresh, creative flavors to your toasted breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner. Discover butter broth, montaditos, smorrebrod, and other open-faced sandwiches that capture the essence of Germany, Spain, Scandinavia, France, Italy, and more.

Go beyond butter with inspired flavors like:

  • Provençal Tuna and Vegetable Salad
  • Cider and Honey-Scented Onion Marmalade, Cabrales Cheese, and Hazelnuts
  • Curried Egg Salad with Mango Chutney, Raisins, and Cashews
  • Meatballs with Beet and Apple Salad

Size: 8.25 x 0.75 x 8.25 inches

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