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Arriving Home

Arriving Home

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The traditional style stands the test of time. That is the mantra for James Farmer’s aesthetic. Classic tastes are melded with fresh approaches to how we live and love in homes. In these homes, high style and relaxed comfort are displayed hand in hand. Discover antiques mixed with new upholstery, collections, and art displayed against pattern and textured wall coverings, and layers of jute, sisal, and wood grounding the floors while doses of intentional color keep the rooms personable.

From a grand Connecticut country home to a stately St. Louis house or a columned antebellum Alabama home, Farmer’s style travels the country to set the tone for the lives of his clients. Homes in the city, the mountains, the country, and coastal locales are all reflected in this journey while being rooted in Southern design.

Size: 8.5 x 1 x 11 inches

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